Friday, 1 July 2011

never ashamed tell the world it's my birthday soon and (thanks to fb I don't have to)! am I too old to have a wishlist?! I decided last weekend I wasn't too old for face painting as I got a beautiful artsy butterfly painted on one entire side of my face!
so this wishlist,is all music related and pretty selfish. I want a melodica, a vento ukulele, xylophone, looping pedal and practice amp. and I want to be proficient by October when I'm planning on competing in the Telstra Road to Discovery. I got my first birthday card from the folks and I opened it early because I needed a little cheer and of course the card made me laugh, I'm sure it was picked with my four yr old in mind as it had a laughing, burping and yes even farting bear telling me how old I was when I pressed his little paw. thanks dad. don't think grandma picked that one out!

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