Thursday, 28 July 2011

music giving me a headache???!!!

So for the past few weeks every time I sit down to write a song I get a headache after a bit. I wonder if my music is making me ill. didn't think it was that bad but my eyes go blurry and my head hurts so I have to at least wonder. I haven't made time to practice too much lately as a result. ( that and we took a much needed break up to Noosa to thaw out, where it feels like summer) so it dawned on me I have a problem. I sat down yesterday after returning to play a bit and self evaluate. catchy hook? check. rhyming lyrics where appropriate? check. pitchy? not too bad. metaphorical imagery? check. hmm... they're not so bad. in fact I kind of feel attached to them as they are all journalistic in nature, having to do with either my honey, my bub a friend or the sun so that's good. so what is it?? well folks, this happens to be the year of, shall we say, my 'aging'?! after all I have a bone spur! and real streaks of grey hairs. not just the 1 inch dr. suessical kind that you can pull out and forget about. nope these are real hairs that have died. poor things, rip. you were shiny and beautiful. sigh. I know I know, it's a sign of wisdom right? my splendour? :) Well am I really as wise as I look? time will tell. and it turns out my eyesight is going. I'm long sighted with astigmatism. need glasses. so it's not my music making me sick, and hopefully not you either. thanks for listening.

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