Thursday, 22 September 2011


Excited to be performing live on ABC Illawarra Radio 97.3 tomorrow morning at 10:30! due to the fact that I was chosen as the Illwarra winner of Chloe and Silas's Our Backyard tour competition! Got to perform at their concert, with a bad cold but it was great. they were great. it's all great. check out their spring hill album. you'll be tapping and singing along in not time like I have been the past week...Cheers!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

music giving me a headache???!!!

So for the past few weeks every time I sit down to write a song I get a headache after a bit. I wonder if my music is making me ill. didn't think it was that bad but my eyes go blurry and my head hurts so I have to at least wonder. I haven't made time to practice too much lately as a result. ( that and we took a much needed break up to Noosa to thaw out, where it feels like summer) so it dawned on me I have a problem. I sat down yesterday after returning to play a bit and self evaluate. catchy hook? check. rhyming lyrics where appropriate? check. pitchy? not too bad. metaphorical imagery? check. hmm... they're not so bad. in fact I kind of feel attached to them as they are all journalistic in nature, having to do with either my honey, my bub a friend or the sun so that's good. so what is it?? well folks, this happens to be the year of, shall we say, my 'aging'?! after all I have a bone spur! and real streaks of grey hairs. not just the 1 inch dr. suessical kind that you can pull out and forget about. nope these are real hairs that have died. poor things, rip. you were shiny and beautiful. sigh. I know I know, it's a sign of wisdom right? my splendour? :) Well am I really as wise as I look? time will tell. and it turns out my eyesight is going. I'm long sighted with astigmatism. need glasses. so it's not my music making me sick, and hopefully not you either. thanks for listening.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thanks for voting!

It looks like the poll results are starting to show. Thanks to everyone who had a listen and voted for favorites to go on next album. I've been in the studio recently and recorded some guide tracks to a few new songs that you haven't heard yet and I'm excited about partnering with Pledgemusic...details coming soon.

Monday, 4 July 2011

I Do

Leave the Light on

New Poll-Please help me decide songs to go on next album

So the above poll is designed to find out which 3 songs are the most popular to add to my next album. Watch/listen to the video clips posted for June on this blog and tell me by voting for the top 3. I've written heaps in the past few months so I really need to narrow it down...and you can help! Leave me a comment if necessary. Thanks for the love!
***Poll doesn't seem to be working correctly, please just leave a comment.***

Friday, 1 July 2011

never ashamed tell the world it's my birthday soon and (thanks to fb I don't have to)! am I too old to have a wishlist?! I decided last weekend I wasn't too old for face painting as I got a beautiful artsy butterfly painted on one entire side of my face!
so this wishlist,is all music related and pretty selfish. I want a melodica, a vento ukulele, xylophone, looping pedal and practice amp. and I want to be proficient by October when I'm planning on competing in the Telstra Road to Discovery. I got my first birthday card from the folks and I opened it early because I needed a little cheer and of course the card made me laugh, I'm sure it was picked with my four yr old in mind as it had a laughing, burping and yes even farting bear telling me how old I was when I pressed his little paw. thanks dad. don't think grandma picked that one out!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Practically Perfect in every way...

gotta love Mary poppins. this little "spoonful of sugar" song is inspired in part by MP. going to the big city this weekend to shop and see the fabulous whymsical MP musical. can't wait!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


So I'm in the process of joinging Pledgemusic, which is a great way to stay independent share my music with more folks and support a cause that's dear to my heart. More details coming soon...

Help me record new album...coming soon through Pledgemusic

Nicole De Graff